Preprints and recent manuscripts by

Géza Ódor

  1. Géza Ódor, Jeffrey Kelling and Gustavo Deco
  2. The effect of noise on the synchronization dynamics of the Kuramoto model on a large human connectome graph
  3. Géza Ódor, Gustavo Deco and Jeffrey Kelling
  4. What makes us humans: Differences in the critical dynamics underlying the human and fruit-fly connectome
  5. Géza Ódor , A. Krikelis, G. Vesztergombi and F. Rohrbach:
  6. Effective Monte Carlo simulation on System-V massively parallel associative string processing architecture, proceedings of the 7-th Euromicro workshop on parallel and distributed  processing, Funchal (Portugal) Feb. 3-5 1999, IEEE Computer society press, Los Alamitos Ed.: B. Werner, 1999.
  7. Géza Ódor, Michael Gastner, Jeffrey Kelling, Gustavo Deco
  8. Modelling on the very large-scale connectome
  9. Géza Ódor, G. Vesztergombi and F. Rohrbach:
  10. A model for Intelligent Random Access Memory architecture (IRAM): cellular automata algorithms on the Associative String Processing machine (ASTRA)