Akos Horvath, PhD
Director general
MTA Centre for Energy Research

KFKI Campus, H-1525 Budapest 114, P.O.B. 49. Hungary
Phone: +36 1 395 9159


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Marital Status: married, three daughters

PhD in Electrochemistry 2003.
"Local corrosion and the effect of deformation of corrosion resistant metals by electrochemical methods" ELTE University, Hungary

M.Sc. in Materials Science 1990 - 1995.
ELTE University, Hungary

Professional Experience
          Coordinator of the EURATOM ALLIANCE project, aimed at preparing the ALLEGRO gas fast reactor in Central Europe
2009-          Study and development of oxide dispersion strengthened steels for high temperature nuclear reactors
2008-          High temperature irradiation device, irradiation resistance of small electronic components
2007-          Numerical simulation of local corrosion on fuel claddings
2006-2009  Supercritical water loop development - EU MTR I3 project
2005-2012  Structural materials for the next generation fission and fusion reactors - NAP NUKENERG project
2002-2003. OECD Halden Reactor Project (Norway): IASCC and cladding corrosion studies of LWR component materials
1996-2002. Study of the effect of the mechanical deformation on the electrode potential
1996-2000. Software Verification and Validation of two subsystems of the Temelin NPP: Reactor Control and Limitation System and Post Accident Monitoring System (as a subcontractor of Westinghouse Company)

Professional membership
Hungarian Nuclear Society
Hungarian Academy of Engineering

2002. Fermi young researcher prize, Hungarian Nuclear Society
1997. Kurt Schwabe prize

Language skills
Command of English,  French for the everyday life.